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Our team members offer individual psychotherapy rooted in evidence-based practices. With a foundation in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, our clinicians integrate values-based approaches, understanding of family context, along with a framework of understanding neurodivergence from an individualized approach to provide individually tailored therapy services. We work from a neurodiversity affirming lens, and we form collaborative relationships with our clients bringing our expertise in psychotherapy to blend with your expertise of yourself. 



Our practice offers family therapy to support improved family communication and awareness of how to better support and understand the presence of neurodivergence within a family unit. Therapy working with parents only (of adults and children) is available, for parents who are seeking psychoeducation regarding neurodiversity and autism and to identify strategies to foster improved relationships. Within the context of family therapy, it is important to note that the diagnosed individual is not necessarily the focus of the work, but focusing on how to facilitate change in each member of the family to improve overall family dynamics is the direction therapy takes.



Dr. Cody has received specialized training through AANE’s Neurodiverse Couples Institute, and she provides neurodiverse couples therapy in which one or both partners have or suspects to have a diagnosis of Autism. Dr. Cody integrates CBT and ACT-based approaches along with understanding of family systems into her neurodiverse couples work. 


Are you feeling stuck in your current treatment plan? Are you trying to assemble a treatment team to support an upcoming transition for yourself or a family member? Dr. Cody offers brief consultation services (1-3 sessions) in which you participate in a clinical interview, your current approach to treatment and support is reviewed, and Dr. Cody provides recommendations about next steps and referrals to providers who work from a neurodiversity affirming lens. The purpose of this consultation process is not diagnostic in nature; rather, it is to assist with identifying an effective support plan to facilitate accessing the life you want for yourself. 

We offer therapy services using an evidence-based integrative approach, with strong foundations in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) merged with an understanding of individualized neurodiverse processing profiles to inform and modify therapeutic approaches. Previous diagnosis of Autism is not required to access therapy services, and we work to collaborate with each client wherever they are in their diagnostic journey.

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