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Spectrum Psychological Services is a private practice offering neurodiversity affirming care across the lifespan. Spectrum Psychological Services was started by Dr. Kate Cody in 2013. We offer a range of therapy services and diagnostic evaluation services, with particular focus on supporting the Adult Autism Community. Our mission is to provide mental health services that have been informed by the neurodiverse community to form collaborative partnerships with our clients paving the way for self-directed quality of life improvements for each individual served. 



(Individual, Neurodiverse Couples, & Family)

We offer therapy services using an evidence-based integrative approach, with strong foundations in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) merged with an understanding of individualized neurodiverse processing profiles to inform and modify therapeutic approaches. 

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Adult Diagnostic Evaluations

We offer neurodiversity-affirming first-time adult diagnostic evaluations for adults who suspect they may fall on the Autism Spectrum, with specific expertise in women and those who were assigned female at birth.





Child & Adolescent Evaluations

We offer neurodiversity-affirming diagnostic evaluations, psychological evaluations, and psychoeducational evaluations and updates for children and adolescents with historical or suspected Autism presentations.

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